ScienceOpen Poster Collection

We offer the free open access publication of your poster in a ScienceOpen Poster Collection.

The advantages are:
  • All scientists get the opportunity to present their results worldwide – a kind of prolonged and global poster session.
  • The poster receives a DOI (Digital Object Identifier), which enables definite identification and citation counting.
  • The poster can be directly shared in the ScienceOpen network and via social media like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.
  • The poster receives an Altmetric score – a measure for the mentioning and number of citations in social media.

We did the same for MoRePaS-III, and you can check out this collection here. The MoRePaS-III collection has more than 5,000 views to date.

The deadline for submission is April 18, 2018.

Submission procedure:
- go to the page,
- click on "Submit a manuscript" in order to reach a google doc form:,
- fill in a new line with the required information on your submission,
- send by email the pdf file of your poster to, with the reference of your submission (SO18001,...)

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