Oleg Balabanov, Random Sketching for Model Order Reduction (slides)

Francesca Bonizzoni, Padé approximation for Helmholtz frequency response problems (slides)

Traian Iliescu, Data-Driven Filtered Reduced Order Modeling Of Nonlinear Systems (slides)

Kevin Carlberg, Space-time least-squares Petrov--Galerkin projection for nonlinear model reduction (slides)

Boris Kramer, Estimation of Risk Measures with Reduced-Order Models (slides)

Daniel Kressner, Reduced basis methods: From low-rank matrices to low-rank tensors (slides)

Giovanni Stabile, Stabilised finite volume POD-Galerkin ROMs of the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations (slides)

Cédric Herzet, Beyond Petrov-Galerkin projection by using "multi-space" priors (slides)

Markus Bachmayr, Reduced Bases and Low-Rank Methods (slides)

Volker Mehrmann, Reduced order energy based modeling in energy transport networks (slides)

Gerrit Welper, h and hp Adaptive Interpolation of Transformed Snapshots for Parametric Functions with Jumps (slides)

Xingang Cao, A Bilinear H2 Model Order Reduction Approach to Linear Parameter-Varying Systems (slides)

Reinhold Schneider, Variational Monte Carlo for the Hierarchical Tensor Representation (slides)

Tommaso Taddei, A Reduced Basis Technique for Long-Time Unsteady Turbulent Flows (slides)

Benjamin Peherstorfer, Data-Driven Multifidelity Methods for Monte Carlo Estimation (slides)

Olivier Zahm, Dimension reduction of the input parameter space of vector-valued functions (slides)

Julia Brunken, Model reduction based on optimally stable variational formulations of parametrized transport equations (slides)

Stephan Rave, A Globally Mass Conservative Nonlinear Reduced Basis Method for Parabolic Free Boundary Problems (slides)

Kathrin Smetana, Randomized Model Order Reduction (slides)

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