Supporting organizations

Springer Springer
Springer is scientific, technical and medical portfolio.
The European Union Model Reduction Network (UE-MORNET) COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) initiative brings together all major groups in Europe working on a range of model reduction strategies with applications in many domains of science and technology.
Centrale Nantes Centrale Nantes
A top French engineering school with a world-class reputation for education and research.
Université de Nantes Université de Nantes
Major pole of higher education and research in western France, Université de Nantes is one of the French leading multidisciplinary universities with 75 accredited laboratories.
Centre Henri Lebesgue Centre Henri Lebesgue
The Lebesgue Center is a research and training center in mathematics for Western France, with strong interdisciplinary links to the socio-economic environment. It is an excellence cluster (labex) funded by the program investissements d'avenir.
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